Seydel Concerto Octav Harmonicas


Top rated Richter-tuned Octave Harmonica (40 brass reeds)

The instruments have a divided comb made of plastic. When drawing or blowing, two reeds at a time are caused to vibrate.

They are tuned with an interval of exactly one octave apart. To minimize air loss and to increase the volume there are additional windsavers built in. The result is a full and powerful sound.

* 10 discrete holes 40 reeds, 2×2 reeds per channel, half-valved

* Body discrete, plastic

* Covers stainless steel

* reed plates 0,9mm

* Weight Concerto 94g 3.316 Oz

* Measures: 125x30x27mm (4.9, x 1.18 x1.06 inches)

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