Pirastro Passione Double Bass Strings


Passione Double Bass Strings:
* Rope core steel strings
* Especially suited for arco
* Round, noble and very warm sound
* Big tone, powerful volume
* Instantaneous response
* Short sustain

* The core material is a high-tensile rope made from carbon steel which is wound with chrome steel.
* Round, noble and very warm sound fundament combined with a complex overtone spectrum which results in a deep sound
* Great projection
* Big tone, powerful volume
* Especially suited for arco
* Response: instantaneous and very flexible, clear distinction between the notes in fast passages
* Only little bow pressure needed for the sound production as the string vibrates very easily
* Immediate playability and absolute tuning stability
* 5-string set: Due to the reduced tension of the B5-string the set vibrates freely.
* Gauge strong: Compared to the medium orchestra set the sound is more brilliant and the string tension is higher.

* Orchestra tuning
* Solo tuning

* E2.10m
* B5
* C High Solo
* CIS5 Solo

* medium
* strong

* 3/4

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A, A1, B3, B5, C, CIS5, D, E, E – 2.10M, E2, FIS4, G, Set