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SKU A817

This instrument with exceptional qualities offers the guitarist security and endless possibilities of interpretation.

Security, good sound, and the ability to interpret any piece in front of the audience masterfully.

The 8 P model by Alhambra Guitars is a robust instrument, with a powerful sound and at the same time very beautiful, a high-quality instrument.

Craftsmanship and powerful sound

This guitar makes a qualitative leap with respect to the models of the series 7, in fact from the model 8 P and above are crafted by a small team of craftsmen, where they share their experience and good work and also take care of the guitars constructed to the last detail

This instrument comes with the saddle and the nut made of bone, a material traditionally used and whose vibration capacities are exceptional.

It features a light nitrocellulose lacquer finish allowing the wood to vibrate even more and thus achieve greater sound.

In addition, its red cedar top gives a nice warm quality and pleasant tone without sacrificing volume or clarity and getting very good sound projection.

All of these factors work together to give this guitar a warm, loud, and refined sound. Very interesting abilities to enjoy this guitar in concert.

Quality and excellent finish

When you hold a model 8P in your hands you can feel the finish and the materials this guitar is made of.

Red cedar top is married to a High-Grade solid Indian rosewood. Look at the back and admire the perfect bookmatching work. It shows you how much they care for the guitar-construction.

An aesthetic mix between the Indian Rosewood in back and sides and the cedar of the top, a combination of selected woods that really attract attention.