Odyssey Premiere Bb Trumpet Outfit with Case

SKU: OCR1100

Versatile Design:
Designed by Peter Pollard, the Odyssey Premiere range of instruments has been built to the highest standards of quality, using superior materials and premium design features to give you the best possible experience.The Odyssey OCR1100 is a versatile instrument that can be played in a variety of different musical situations. The rose brass found in the bell and leadpipe produces a rich and warm sound which is perfect for orchestral and solo performances. The valves in the OCR1100 are crafted from monel, which is a nickel and copper alloy. The majority of premium trumpets have monel valves because it is very dense and is more resistant to corrosion, meaning they won't flake and are less likely to seize up. Finger rings can be found on the first and third valve slides to make sure intonation can always be corrected.

Everything You Need:
The OCR1100 includes everything you need to start practising straight away. The included case provides protection while also being lightweight and durable. The case features comfortable shoulder straps to ensure easy transport between musical events. If you'd prefer to carry the case, then the straps can be removed and stored in the zipped compartment on the side of the case. The Odyssey trumpet also includes a mouthpiece, so players can start to practise as soon as the trumpet arrives. A maintenance care kit is also included so players can maintain the high standards of their instrument for longer.

Key Of: Bb
Bell Diameter: 4.85''
Bell Material: Rose Brass
Bore Size: 0.45''
Valves: Monel
Finish: Clear Lacquer
Waterkeys: 2
Included Accessories
Lightweight Case
7C Mouthpiece
Valve Oil
Cleaning Cloth