Blues Harmonica Orchestra S Set

Special Order Harmonica set of 5: The ORCHESTRA S in LC, LD, LF, G and A The ORCHESTRA S: a ten-hole, solo-tuned harmonica (Orchestra-tuning) As with the chromatic harmonica, all notes from the major scale are available throughout a two-and-a-half octave range - set of five most popular keys. *Solo-tuning in a ten-hole, compact harmonica *Expanded tonal range in the lower register (Orchestra tuning) *Stainless-steel reeds, coverplates, and screws combined for unparalleled durability (outlasting brass-reed models by up to five-times) *Anti-corrosive, German-silver reed plates *Lip-friendly, translucent carmine red plastic comb (ABS) with recessed reed plates *Protective, sturdy and practical gigbag included