Tremolo Skydiver Harmonicas

SKU: SH25480/A

The SKYDIVER STEEL TREMOLO is a traditionally-shaped tremolo harmonica with stainless steel reeds.

The SKYDIVER STEEL TREMOLO offers an incredible musical presence and assertiveness while providing a subtle and sweet tremolo sound. The tuning on the SKYDIVER is the most commonly used tuning of tremolo harmonicas (also called 'asian tuning') - learn more about this tuning in the Tips section above

* Polymeric comb with single chamber per reed – very airtight and durable
stainless steel covers – no possibility of corrosion
* Traditionally-shaped (double-row) tremolo mouthpiece
* 48 stainless steel reeds
* Tuned according to the solo-tremolo tuning (without double notes) providing three complete melody octaves of tonal range
full overtone-rich sound with an easy response
* Approved tuning stability due to stainless steel reeds
* Sweet sounding tremolo
* Available in many keys: G, A, C, Db and D
* If you use two instruments tuned in a semi-note distance (e.g. C & C'/Db) the SKYDIVER is even suited for playing chromatically
* The SKYDIVER STEEL TREMOLO – made for ambitious melody players of many traditional musical styles.