Spur Violins

Semi-Acoustic Violin with Flame Maple Back

The Spur semi-acoustic violin has been designed for musicians playing modern music and to provide an expanded pallet of tonal possibilities from clean acoustic sounds through distortions and wide, sweeping delays. They have the same feel (aura) as an acoustic instrument, with similar dimensions and, as such, are very approachable for players used to traditional instruments. Another major advantage is that they are capable of matching the dynamic range and presence of other instruments, in particular drums, electric guitars and keyboards etc without losing their own identity. Aesthetically, the instruments communicate a respect for the past traditions of the instrument while bravely signalling a new way forward for contemporary music and relevance for modern audiences. The flagship instruments are called Vanguard, with the body finished in an antique style varnish contrasted with beautiful clear maple, all from sustainable timbers.


• Spruce belly
• Flamed maple back and ribs
• Hard maple neck, fingerboard, tailpiece, chinrest, bridge
• Black acrylic button
• Purfling on back and belly
• Wittner fine tuning pegs
• Single open sound hole
• Warchal Brilliant strings
• Soundpost pickup
• Volume and tone controls
• Vintage finish