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Brilliant! Harpsicle® Replacement Strings


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Replacement strings for Brilliant! Harpsicle® Harps. Each wrapped string is hand-crafted; the core of each wrapped string is placed under tension as it is made. Like all stringed instruments, harp strings are very specific and not interchangeable. We recommend always having a full, extra set of strings to replace a string which breaks at an inopportune time. Unlike guitars and violins, harp strings do not need to be changed very frequently. The monofilament strings only need to be changed when they actually break. Nylon/nylon wrapped strings might reasonably be changed every few years. If you play a great deal you will want to replace any of the wrapped steel strings once a year. If you do not play daily, you can change these strings less frequently. Harp strings number from the top so the highest, shortest string is always string number one.