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Luthier Level Pricing FAQs

What are the requirements to join the Luthier Level Pricing program?

The only requirement to join our Luthier Level Pricing program is to be a luthier located in Canada.

Are there any costs to join the Luthier Level Pricing Program?

It's completely free to join our program and you get access to our wholesale prices with an additional 10% off!

Are there minimum order requirements?

We don't require a minimum order total or quantity. Order as often and as little as you need!

You don't carry a product/brand that I'm interested in.

We are always looking to expand our catalogue to cater to our dealers needs. If you have any product or brand suggestions, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you!

What is not included in the luthier discount?*

Our only exception to the luthier discount is Thomastik-Infeld bulk strings and clearance items. These are offered at net prices.