Flexocor Deluxe Double Bass Strings

Flexocor Deluxe Double Bass Strings * Rope core steel strings * Versatilely usable string * Great wealth of tone colors * Unmatched projection * Awesome playability Features: * The core material is a high-tensile rope made from carbon steel which offers great flexibility. All strings are wound with chrome steel. * Suitable for solo passages of orchestral performance, classical orchestral repertoire and pizzicato passages * A string which likes to be challenged to translate every minute impulse from bow or finger into brilliantly clear or voluminously dark sounds with lightning speed. * Great wealth of tone colors: a brilliant and bright or a dark and big sound - everything is possible. * Full resonance and unmatched projection * Outstandingly easy playability at all dynamic levels * Intonation: The strings offer the performer a perfect sense of control and security at all times. * Immediately playable and outstanding stability * Instantaneous response Set: * Orchestra tuning * Solo tuning Variations: * E2.10m * B5 * C High Solo * CIS5 Solo Gauges: * Medium Sizes: * 3/4