Obligato Double Bass Strings

Obligato Double Bass Strings *Modern synthetic core strings *Suitable for arco and pizzicato *Bright, brilliant and focused sound Features: *Obligato strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre which is wound with chrome steel. *Bright, brilliant and focused sound *Growly tone especially true for the E-string *Very quick response *Suitable for arco and pizzicato *Exceptional well-balanced set *Completely impervious to changes in temperature and humidity Set: *Orchestra tuning *Solo tuning *Tuning in 5th: A - D - G - C Variations: *E2.10m *B5 *C High Solo *CIS5 Solo *Tuning in 5th: The low C is also available as a special rope core steel string which results in a powerful and very dark tone. Gauges: *Medium Sizes: *3/4 *1/2 *1/4