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Flatsicle Harp

SKU: Flatsicle/PU/S

Musicians who are comfortable on other instruments often begin their experimentation on harp with a Flatsicle Harp. Likewise, extremely experienced harpists often select the Flatsicle Harp as their little knock-around harp. (This is easier to understand if you know that their primary harp may be worth tens of thousands of dollars.)
The Flatsicle Harp has sharping levers installed on the C, F & B strings allowing the player to play in the keys of C, D, G, F and the relative minors. On this instrument we recommend that the B-string be tuned down to B-flat and sharped to B natural for the keys of F and D-minor. As with the Sharpsicle Harp, the Flatsicle Harp can have levers added later as needed. This model is extremely popular with music therapists and is recommended by the International Harp Therapy Program. It comes with a string chart and tuning wrench.