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Limited-Edition Nuvo Wind Instruments

Limited-Edition Nuvo Wind Instruments

Available exclusively in Canada until supplies last!

Designed exclusively for Canada, these vibrant additions to the Nuvo family include the TooT, DooD, and Recorder+, each adorned in a striking red hue that's sure to stand out.

Ideal for budding musicians and seasoned players alike, these instruments offer a perfect blend of quality, playability, and aesthetics. Whether you're exploring musical basics with the TooT and DooD or honing your skills with the Recorder+, the Nuvo Pre-Band Instruments are bound to inspire creativity and joy in your musical journey.

Available exclusively in Canada, these instruments add a touch of Canadian flair to any musical ensemble. Don't miss your chance to own a piece before they're gone – grab one of these Nuvo Pre-Band Instruments in a limited-edition red hue today!

Where to find these instruments: 

Woozle Harmonicas

Kimberley Jurens Woodwind Repair Inc.

Connors Music

Long & McQuade

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