Hip Hop Bb Clarinet Case

Special Order HIP HOP Bb Clarinet Case CASE Additional case for Sax Tenor/Alto Trekking case or Eb Bass Clarinet Trekking case. Molded on Buffet Crampon RC Clarinet. WEIGHT : 1 kg INSIDE DIMENSIONS : Upper Joint: 22 cm Lower Joint (Bell included): 34,5 cm OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS : 71x18x17 cm INSIDE FEATURES : Inside cradle made of injected high density polyurethane foam, protecting the instrument against thermal shocks OUTSIDE FEATURES : To be attached to the Trekking cases for Eb Bass Clarinet with 4 strong Velcro strips Can be carried on its own with the dedicated carrying bag (optionnal ref 9017) Thermoformed ABS half shell Zipper Subway handle