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jSax 2.0

jSax 2.0


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The jSax 2.0 The Nuvo jSax 2.0 opens up whole new opportunities for kids to take up the sax at an early age and follows traditional saxophone fingering patterns and enables kids to develop sax embouchure and playing skills at an early age. It has a surprising mellow sax sound and is a lot of fun to play even for an accomplished amateur sax player. The jSax 2.0 is pitched in C like all other NUVO instruments, it has a fully chromatic range from middle C to G in the next octave. For beginners with small fingers there is a set of plugs (like training wheels!) which can be used to help seal the tone holes in the early stages of learning. The jSax 2.0 is lightweight and super-durable and is 100% waterproof making it very suitable for the classroom as well as a fun travel instrument. The jSax 2.0 uses the standard Nuvo resin reeds with a 1½ and 2 provided with the kit. It can also use an Eb clarinet cane reed and some soprano sax mouthpieces will also fit. This instrument comes with a durable blow-molded case, carry strap and fingering chart.

New features of the jSax 2.0 include:

  • New mouthpiece set up. Easier for kids to get a note, easier for kids to operate the ligature, better tone, and improved reliability (no breakages).
  • New mouthpiece will now accept a standard soprano saxophone reed.
  • New case fitting which will avoid breakage of the G# key.
  • No grease pot.


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