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Fibreglass Cello Bow

SKU PH1528/2

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P & H Master Class Bows that you can re-hair yourself with precision made hanks in horse hair to fit the complete range of bows. P & H (London) have probably made the most significant contribution to string Bow making for over 200 years - since indeed Françoise Tourte, the finest of all bowmakers, created the modern bow. Taking the rules of Tourte and adding the latest technology and inventiveness, P & H have created the most advanced bow in the world. And as a further breakthrough, you can re-hair your bow yourself in minutes with a precision made hank of hair sized to fit the range of Bows. The Bow will not warp in damp or hot conditions and spring tension is built in for life even when left on full load for weeks, a boon to forgetful students.