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Shop our limited-edition Canadian collection 🇨🇦
Shop our limited-edition Canadian collection 🇨🇦

Chromcor Plus Viola Single Strings

SKU P329720

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Chromcor Plus Viola String

  • * A-steel string
  • * Darker sound than Chromcor
  • * Very easy response
  • * Especially long-lasting Features:
  • * The Chromcor Plus A-string has a single filament steel core, wound with chrome steel.
  • * Darker sound than Chromcor
  • * Big tonal volume
  • * Very easy response
  • * Chromcor Plus tunes immediately.
  • * Chromcor strings are wound with chrome steel and are therefore long-lasting. Chrome steel cannot corrode and is not affected by hand perspiration.
  • * Suitable also for electric or electrically-amplified violas Gauges:
  • * The Chromcor Plus A-string is available in medium.

Tailpiece Options:

  • * Removable ball-end 

Envelope Sizes:

  • * 4/4