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Obligato Cello Strings

Obligato Cello Strings

SKU: P331120

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Obligato Cello Strings
*Modern synthetic strings
*Powerful and brilliant sound
*Very quick response

*The Obligato D-, G- and C-strings have a core made from modern synthetic fibres.
*The A-string has a steel core wound with chrome steel: bright sound and very quick response.
*Brilliant sound
*Big and powerful sound
*Completely insensitive to changes in temperature and humidity

*A steel-chrome steel
*D wound with chrome steel
*G- and C-strings with tungsten

*Obligato strings are available in 4/4.


Special Feature:
* To achieve a warmer sound for the whole set please use the Cello Passione series “A medium steel core string” together with the Obligato D-, G- and C-strings.

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