Passione Solo Violin Strings

Passione Solo The gut string for soloists * Finely wound and polished, handmade gut strings * Very powerful and brilliant sound * Great projection * Very easy response * Significantly increased tuning stability vs. traditional gut core strings Passione Solo Violin Strings Features: * The sheep gut core of the Passione Solo strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand. * Soloistic tone with strong power and brilliance * extended range of dynamics and tone color. * Very powerful and brilliant sound with great projection. * Significantly reduced playing-in time: Passione strings are immediately playable other than traditional gut strings. * Very easy response Set: * E-Silvery Steel, A-aluminum, D- and G-silver Packaging: *Envelope *Straight Gauges: * Passione Solo is available in medium gauge only. The strings are slightly thicker than the medium gauge of the Passione strings. * The Passione Solo Silvery Steel E-string gauge is medium (0.26mm). Tailpiece Options: * All A-, D- and G-strings come with a ball-end in order to facilitate the installation. * The E-strings are available with ball- or loop-end. Sizes: * All Passione Solo strings are available in 4/4. Special Features: * The length of colored silk at the peg end of the Passione Solo G-string is different than the length of the A- and D- strings. This has been done intentionally and is part of the construction of the G-string. The special length of the G-string’s color winding at the peg end prevents the string from breaking in the peg box. At the latest after two to three days the stretching process will be finalized. * As a result the silk winding will no longer reach over the nut. We have made numerous tests with this special G on various violins all differing in size and the string has always fitted. On some violins it takes longer, with other violins the string even fits from the beginning.