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Shop our limited-edition Canadian collection 🇨🇦
Shop our limited-edition Canadian collection 🇨🇦

Wondertone Solo Violin String Set

SKU P410025

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Wondertone Solo: The focused and clear synthetic core string

* Modern synthetic core strings
* Direct, brilliant and clear tone
* Focused sound
* Outstanding response

* We have especially modified the core material used for Evah Pirazzi Gold, Evah Pirazzi, Obligato and Violino strings.
* The tone is direct, brilliant and clear
* No background hiss
* Outstanding response & tuning stability
* Insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity

* The standard set contains the following strings: E-Silvery Steel, A-aluminum, D- and G-silver
* Set A-steel: E-Silvery Steel, A-steel/aluminum, D- and G-silver

Variations: The steel A-string has a brilliant and very concise tone and allows a smooth transition to the E-string. The string combo follows the string choice in the Russian tradition of great soloists such as David Oistrach who used to play on his Strad Pirastro G- and D-gut strings combined with steel A- and E-strings. E-string also available as “Advanced Steel” – round and warm sound. Gauges: 0.26mm (medium) and 0.267mm (strong)

Gauges: * Medium

Sizes: * 4/4

Packaging: * Envelope