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Harpsicle Harps

Fullsicle Harp

Fullsicle Harp

SKU: Fullsicle/BK/S

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The Fullsicle Harp has full levers which makes the complete range of lever harp music available. This harp can be played in 8 keys, Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A and E and the relative minors. The Fullsicle Harp is well-loved and played by traveling harp professionals and skilled amateurs all over the world. Fullsicle Harps also tend to be the favorite of those with general music knowledge or those who play other instruments like piano, guitar and violin because having full sharping adds considerably more flexibility and opens musical possibility. Each Fullsicle Harp comes with a string chart and tuning wrench.

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