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Platinum Gold Saxophone Ligature

by Rovner

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PLATINUM GOLD Ligature - Gold Plated

A Performance-Enhancing "Next Generation" Model
A Mass Loaded® Resonating Ribs® Ligature
  • The NEW 24-karat GOLD PLATED PLATINUM offers all of the benefits of the original Platinum ligature, but with a warmer, darker tone
  • Effortlessly played, with an incredible evenness of scale, smoothing out the difficult transitions between registers
  • Superior control, for a secure, centered tone and flawless intonation
  • Bolsters and solidifies the lower register for both clarinets and saxophones.
  • Enhanced facility and response
  • Superior reed-gripping capabilities, especially advantageous for synthetic reeds
  • Durably constructed of highly-tempered, impeccably-polished, space-age metal alloy, the Platinum is as beautiful as a piece of fine jewelry
  • Includes a Rovner cap
  • Made in the USA!
Who Plays It?

The original Rovner Platinum, with its superb, dark, bell-like tone, is already the ligature of choice for many of today’s most discerning players. It provided the perfect starting point for further experimentation which has yielded a second extraordinary option: the Platinum GOLD. Layering the original Platinum with pure, 24-karat gold has achieved the darkest, most beautiful tone possible. Classical players seeking the sweet spot between tonal clarity and a rich, dark sound need look no further. Jazz players, too, who play modern jazz mouthpieces with high baffles and extra edge, will delight in the added element of the Platinum GOLD's full-bodied core. If you are a player for whom tone is everything, your search is over once you experience the extraordinary performance of the beautiful new Platinum GOLD.