Van Gogh Saxophone Ligatures

Van Gogh A BIG ligature with a BIG sound! The Van gogh is 30-50% taller than any other standard ligature! Break the paradigm of dark or bright and enjoy full freedom of expression! * Offers great presence and access to a fuller tonal spectrum * Eliminate pinch points that restrict vibration * Offers excellent intonation, response, projection & articulation * Supports and stabilizes without mashing the reed, yet grips firmly. reducing reed shift... great for synthetic reeds! * Its neutral tone responds readily to subtle adjustments, giving the player the ultimate control. * Lively & Strong, passionate & dark, smooth & sweet, the Van Gogh does it all! Often selected by: * Soloists & recording artists who want a clean, uncolored tone * Concert band/orchestra players * Jazz players * Rock/blues band players... Marching band players