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Versa X Series Clarinet Ligatures

Versa X Series Clarinet Ligatures


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A Groundbreaking pro ligature with universal appeal. Reasonable flaps offer tonal versatility. Shines in any setting! Most popular Next Generation model for pros and advancing students!

*Rich, focused and vesatile... locks in intonation while accessing a full range of expression
* Concert band? it's our darkest ligature when the inner flaps are positioned over the cradle. Jazz or marching band? Exposiing the cradle to the reed adds brilliance while maintaining a rich, centered core
* Incredible evenness of scale
* Projection and control through all the registers
* Takes student players from the football field to the concert hall!

Often selected by:
* Band directors, to meet the many demands on the high schooler
* Concert band/orchestra players
* Jazz players
* Rock/blues players

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