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Shop our limited-edition Canadian collection 🇨🇦
Shop our limited-edition Canadian collection 🇨🇦

Blues Series Valve Set

by Seydel
SKU SHx1000hvset-pt

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SEYDEL Repair Partners

Woozle Harmonicas —

Woozle Harmonicas is a certified SEYDEL Service Partner and is authorized by SEYDEL to assemble, customize, and repair SEYDEL harmonicas in any way, including warranty service. Located in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.

Wilson Music —

Established in 1986, Wilson Music Services has been selling and servicing harmonicas and accordions in Canada, and beyond, and is well known by discerning harmonica players as the place to buy their harmonicas. Located in Newmarket, ON, Canada.

Special Order

Valves for self installation - suited for all models from the Blues-series (10 hole models);

3 valves for each length (30 pcs.) You get the original valves that we use for the optional half-valved instruments Valves minimize air loss when playing blow or draw notes. If both reeds of a corresponding reed pair are equipped with valves, the possibilities of bending the notes is very limited. If a valve is only closing the lower tuned reed of the pair then bending notes remains possible (= half-valving). On a fully valved harmonica air-loss is minimized, bendability is restricted very much. The valve set provided is suited for one full-valved instrument (+ set of spare valves) or three half-valved instruments. On half-valved Richter instruments the valves(windsavers) must be attached onto the draw plate of 1-6 (the valve is situated on the inside of hole) and onto the blow plate of 7-10 (valve is situated on outside of upper plate then). This leads to better air-tightness of the instrument - bending notes are still playable, whereas overbendings can not be played anymore. With half-valving you will get the full chromatic scale with bending instead of using overblows. Please use very little amounts of glue, e.g. the original SEYDEL valve glue. If you use superglue (use gel, not fluids) please let it dry out 100% as the solvent used in these glues are harmful to human health.