Session Steel Reedplate

SKU: SH103011000/C

For SESSION type combs only (recessed reed plates),keys: LC-F with stainless steel reeds

F#-HA with brass reeds

Set of spare reed plates with Stainless Steel (LC to F - all tuning variants)) or with brass reeds (F# to HA - Richter tuning only)

Please note: We currently only stock the SESSION STEEL in Standard Richter. All other tuning variants will take at least a few working days more than usual to arrive (for USA/CAN customers 2-3 weeks more).

German Silver reed plates
Fine cut reedslots
Stainless Steel rivets

Many tuning variants: Richter, Paddy, Country, Melodic Maker, Cirkular/Melody King, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, PT-Gazell half-valved)

Please note: For SESSION type combs only (reed plates do not fit for Solist Pro or 1847 models)