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Session Steel Reedplate

Session Steel Reedplate

SKU: SH103011000/C

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SEYDEL Repair Services

Woozle Harmonicas

Woozle Harmonicas is a certified SEYDEL Service Partner and is authorized by SEYDEL to assemble, customize, and repair SEYDEL harmonicas in any way, including warranty service. Located in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.


For SESSION type combs only (recessed reed plates),keys: LC-F with stainless steel reeds

F#-HA with brass reeds

Set of spare reed plates with Stainless Steel (LC to F - all tuning variants)) or with brass reeds (F# to HA - Richter tuning only)

Please note: We currently only stock the SESSION STEEL in Standard Richter. All other tuning variants will take at least a few working days more than usual to arrive (for USA/CAN customers 2-3 weeks more).

German Silver reed plates
Fine cut reedslots
Stainless Steel rivets

Many tuning variants: Richter, Paddy, Country, Melodic Maker, Cirkular/Melody King, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, PT-Gazell half-valved)

Please note: For SESSION type combs only (reed plates do not fit for Solist Pro or 1847 models)

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