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🎉 We're celebrating our 30th anniversary — Thank you for your support! 🎉
🎉 We're celebrating our 30th anniversary — Thank you for your support! 🎉

Solist Pro 12 Steel Harmonica

by Seydel
SKU SH11601/LD

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SEYDEL Repair Partners

Woozle Harmonicas —

Woozle Harmonicas is a certified SEYDEL Service Partner and is authorized by SEYDEL to assemble, customize, and repair SEYDEL harmonicas in any way, including warranty service. Located in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.

Wilson Music —

Established in 1986, Wilson Music Services has been selling and servicing harmonicas and accordions in Canada, and beyond, and is well known by discerning harmonica players as the place to buy their harmonicas. Located in Newmarket, ON, Canada.

Solist Pro 12 STEEL - now with stainless steel reeds - combines the features of the 1847 models with those of our Low and Superlow harps. Finally there is a harmonica with expanded tonal range, that plays as well as a ten-hole diatonic.

  • The notes in holes 1-3 correspond to holes 1-3 of our Low- or Superlow harps - the notes in holes 4-12 are taken from holes 1-9 of the normal 1847 models (except keys C & A: Notes 1-3 are the usual notes of a standard A/C and 1 -9 are taken from a HC/HA)
  • Convenient handling though there are two holes more brass reed plates optimized for loudness and extreme airtightness
  • Very good response wooden body, multiple coats of sealant for a resistant finish
  • German Silver reed plates
  • Stainless Steel reeds in holes 1-12

The Solist Pro 12 STEEL is small enough to fit into the players hands to give them the feeling of holding a 10-hole diatonic like they are used to. This enables for full-cupped playing. The additional bass octave allows playing rhythms. There are manifold opportunities to play in octaves, too.