Rhapsody Viola Outfit

SKU: A100/14/O-factory

  • Upgraded Thomastik Alphayue strings

  • Spruce top

  • Maple back, sides & neck

  • 100% ebony fingerboard, pegs & fittings

  • Plastic chinrest

  • European craftsmanship

  • Nitrocellulose finish

  • Natural grain

  • Teller * bridge

  • 4 fine tuners

The Hora Rhapsody Viola is a great beginner instrument to teach younger players. Similar to the Rhapsody violin, the viola is made of spruce and maple wood and is stored for natural drying for 5-10 years, thus acquiring exceptional acoustic qualities and stability. These violas offer reliable, consistent performance and deliver good sound. They are available in 3 standard sizes.

This outfit includes:

  • Black lightweight foam case

  • Brazilwood bow • Rosin