Evah Pirazzi Viola Strings

Evah Pirazzi Viola Strings * Modern synthetic core strings * Powerful and brilliant sound * Excellent response Features: * Evah Pirazzi strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre. * Powerful, brilliant and colorful sound, based on a warm core sound * Enormous projection * Wide dynamic range * Evah Pirazzi strings emphasize the individual sound picture of each instrument. * Immediately playable * Excellent response throughout the complete dynamic range * Absolutely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity * Also suitable for electric violas or violas equipped with piezo-pickups Set: * A-steel/chrome steel * D- and g-silver * C-tungsten-silver Variations: * The alternative a-string has a synthetic core and is wound with aluminum. It offers a warm sound and an easy response. Gauges: * Soft * Medium * Strong * Straight strings are only available in medium gauge. Tailpiece options: * All strings have a ball-end. * A-steel strings with removable ball. Packaging: * Envelope * Straight Sizes: * All Evah Pirazzi strings are available in 4/4. Special features: The core material of the string lines evah pirazzi gold, evah pirazzi and obligato consists of a new synthetic material that we have co-developed with our supplier and which we obtain exclusively. We are convinced that this new core material is superior to other synthetic materials and steel, because: * It offers an unmatched wide range of sounds, * Absolutely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity, and * It offers musicians an unknown dynamic range. In combination with our newest production techniques we are now able to offer a new family of strings, which offer: * A complex tone, rich with overtones; * Bring out finest nuances in pp and great depth in ff; * Great playability; * Outstanding response and * Outstanding tuning stability * Which can be used in any environment no matter the degree of humidity or changes of temperature.